Working working

Just checking in, saying hi. Had a remarkable time last week in Gambier, Ohio, working on new poems alongside Jay Brecker, Brian Cochran, Charles Douthat, Jean Harper, Joe Landi, Bonnie Naradzay, Linda Stryker, and Elizabeth Sylvia in David Baker’s workshop.

Moving backward, I visited Indiana University East in April as part of their regional writers series, which was so much fun. And Sharon Benzoni and I had a good time talking about Bigfoot on her show for WNHH New Haven in March; there’s a link to that interview here.

Conversations with Melissa Adamo and Joanna C. Valente

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Melissa Adamo at English Kills Review about Bigfoot for Women. And I got to discuss Sirs and Madams with Joanna C. Valente over at Rhizomatic Ideas/Zoetic Press.

In June I served as a Peter Taylor Fellow in poetry at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop.

It’s been a good summer, people.