Poetry in Motion

I’m thrilled that Tina Cane, Rhode Island’s poet laureate, invited me to participate in Poetry in Motion. An excerpt from one of my poems is currently featured on RIPTA buses, riding around the state, having its own little conversations. The wonderful Lucy Hitchcock designed it, using a photo by the wonderful Thomas Brendler.

Thanks, all.

Poetry in motion final


Three Quarters

“They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and I’ve been given 750 words, so I’ll try to give you three-quarters of a picture. You can fill in the last quarter. You are good at that.”

You can read the rest of this piece I recently wrote for the Providence Journal here.

Poetry Dose, Diode, Weird Sisters

Three things while I’m thinking of them:

1) Tina Cane has launched a new podcast with Atticus Allen. It’s short (about 10 minutes per segment), it’s called Poetry Dose, and I’m on episode 3 reading “The Ohio Poem” and C. P. Cavafy’s “Ithaka.” You can find it here. Coming soon on Poetry Dose: Vievee Francis, Juan Felipe Herrera, Ryan Murphy, Sebastian Matthews, Lau Cesarco Eglin, Orlando White.

2) Diode 10.2 was just released. Patty Paine kindly assigned me interviews with Michelle Bitting and Rusty Morrison. You can access those interviews here, in addition to a lot of other good things.

3) Weird Sisters, a delightful anthology of poems, stories, artwork, etc., is out and available here. All proceeds benefit Spark Central, a creative space for people of all ages in Spokane, Washington. Shout out to lovely weird sister Sharma Shields for including me.

4) My oldest kid graduates from middle school and will officially be in high school in a couple of hours. Can you even believe it? I can’t.

I know that’s a fourth thing, but it’s on my mind. Just look how cute he was when he graduated from kindergarten. Now he’s taller than my husband.

Passage of time. Etc., etc.

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Working working

Just checking in, saying hi. Had a remarkable time last week in Gambier, Ohio, working on new poems alongside Jay Brecker, Brian Cochran, Charles Douthat, Jean Harper, Joe Landi, Bonnie Naradzay, Linda Stryker, and Elizabeth Sylvia in David Baker’s workshop.

Moving backward, I visited Indiana University East in April as part of their regional writers series, which was so much fun. And Sharon Benzoni and I had a good time talking about Bigfoot on her show for WNHH New Haven in March; there’s a link to that interview here.